WP Coupons Review: #1 WordPress Deals and Coupon Plugin In The Market!

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Do you want to start a coupon and deals section inside your WordPress blog?

Self-hosted WordPress is a popular CMS (content management system) out there for creating websites and blogs. If you check our website, you could see that we do have a beautiful coupon section. I know a lot of folks are looking for simple ways for starting a deals section inside WordPress. And it is not that hard to build one.

In this post, we are going to introduce a WordPress coupon plugin called WP Coupons. If you are planning to purchase the plugin, feel free to check out our WP Coupons review. In this article, we will be explaining the plugins’ all features, pricing, and support policy.

WP Coupons Review

wp coupons plugin

WP Coupons is a premium WordPress plugin for creating a deals section inside WordPress websites. If anyone is planning to start an affiliate blog or increase the affiliate commission, they might want to consider offering coupons.

When someone is planning to purchase a product online, probably he will check for coupon codes or discount codes. For example, let’s say that someone needs to purchase a WordPress hosting plan.

As of August 2020, you could see hundreds of popular web hosting companies in the market. So if a user decided to go with the GreenGeeks hosting, he’ll search for a GreenGeeks coupon.

Here’s a screenshot from the search results:

greengeeks coupon search results

So if we can promote coupon codes through our blog, we will be able to increase the page views, affiliate commissions. Pretty simple, right?

But just adding coupon codes as WordPress posts aren’t recommended. That’s not how professionals do. If we have a dedicated coupon and deals section inside our blog, that would be too great.

And that’s what we are going to do with the WP Coupons WordPress plugin.

As of now, there’s no free version plugin available. But, we can always help you to get a discount on the purchase. In this article, we will be sharing a WP Coupons discount code that will give you a 10% discount on every premium plan. Also, we will show you how can you claim the coupon.


Now, let’s take a look at the powerful features of WP Coupons.

Responsive Design

Most users prefer a mobile device for browsing these days. So you need to make sure that your site is using a mobile-optimized WordPress theme. Or, your website visitors will start leaving your site, it will affect you badly in revenue, search engine ranking, and also conversions.

Thankfully, when we use the WP Coupons plugin for creating a deals section inside our website, it will be 100% mobile-optimized. You don’t need to add any extra CSS codes for modification.

The deals section will fit on every device like desktops, tablets, mobiles.

Optimized For Speed

No matter you are running a personal blog or an online shop. Your website needs to be faster. There are so many speed optimized WordPress themes, caching plugins and tricks are available for maintaining good WordPress speed. However, the plugins which we have activated on our blog can also affect the speed of the website.

When we ran some tests on a dummy WordPress install with WP Coupons enabled and with some sample content, we found that the plugin is not compromising the website’s speed!

It’s a speed optimized WordPress plugin!

4 Different Display Options

The plugin comes with several display options.

Also, you can show a coupon widget in your sidebar, between your content using a shortcode. That would be very easy when you are writing a review of a product and have the coupon for it.

Embedding the coupon in the content will help you to get more clicks and conversions. From the display options, you can also configure the coupon URL, nav titles, coupon width, padding, number of coupons, etc.

Save the changes after modification.

Styling Options

The plugin is already configured with basic colors. But, in most cases, we need to change the colors, choose the colors that stick with our existing styling. A plugin like CSS Hero or some additional CSS codes might be needed for this.

But thankfully, through their styling settings page, you will be able to change the colors of your deals and coupon section and single coupon page.

wp coupons colors

On top of that, you can also change the font sizes through the same settings page.

wp coupons fonts

After changing the colors and font sizes, save the changes. And in the frontend, the changes will be refected instantly. If not, clear your WordPress cache and browser cache, check again.

That’s it!


Now, let’s take a look at their pricing options.

wp coupons pricing

Support and Documentation

Every WP Coupons plan comes with 1 year of support and updates. If you have any problem with the plugin, you can easily contact the support team via creating a new ticket. They will get back to you within 24 hours.

And if you check the docs section, you could see the step by step tutorials there.

wp coupons docs

They have categorized the section like

  • General.
  • Installation.
  • Pre-Sales Questions.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Updates.


You can use the search facility for finding documentation articles.

WP Coupons Discount Code

While you purchase something online, probably you will look for a discount code/ coupon code. And if you need a WP Coupons discount code, we have just got something for you.

In this section, we are going to share a WP Coupons discount code that will give you a 10% additional discount on all premium plans. Let me show you how you can get a discount on your purchase.

First of all, go to WP Coupons.

wp coupons plugin

Check the pricing page then. As we mentioned earlier, you will see three pricing options there.

wp coupons pricing

You can choose any premium plan from there. In our case, we are going to purchase the Unlimited plan. When you manage multiple WordPress websites like us, Unlimited will be your best option. So click on the Buy It Now button.

buy wp coupons

You will be redirected to the checkout page. From there, you can complete your purchase using a Credit Card or via PayPal account. We haven’t applied a coupon yet. So, the page will show you the full price.

wp coupons full price

Right below it, you will see a box for applying coupon codes.

have a discount code

Paste WPCOUPONS as the coupon code and click on apply.

WPCOUPONS discount code

Soon, you can see that the total price to pay got changed, and a 10% discount got added.

wp coupons discount applied

Impressive, isn’t it?

Now, you can complete the purchase!

This is how you can get a 10% discount on WP Coupons premium WordPress plugin. This might be a limited-time coupon. So, you might want to consider purchasing the plugin as soon as possible.

Get Started With WP Coupons

You can get the premium version of WP Coupons from below.

Get Started With WP Coupons Premium

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